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Woodsmith Shop

Latest Episodes

Precise joinery at the table saw makes the assembly of the bookcase easy. Learn how caster placement is the key to making shop accessories mobile.

Simple construction takes center stage as the editors of Woodsmith magazine build a rustic, step-back cupboard.

The Woodsmith editors add a router table insert to the completed tabletop. Then discover a simple technique for creating a scalloped lid for decorative box.

See the great tips, tricks, and projects the Woodsmith editors use to make better use of the space and tools in any shop.

Key techniques for creating an elegant serving tray are featured in Details of Craftsmanship. Then learn about the basics of building drawers.

The new cast of the Woodsmith Shop offer their advice for people interesting in setting up a woodworking shop. They'll look at the space, tools, and share stories of their own first shops.

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