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Woodsmith Shop

Woodsmith Shop

Craftsman Roy Underhill revisits his favorite woodworking adventures from The Woodwright's Shop. With classic hand tools and know-how from around the world, Roy and guests make everything from chairs to chests -- and even the tools to make them with!

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The Woodsmith editors make a drill press more useful with a 3-in-1 upgrade that adds mobility, storage, and accuracy.

Join the Woodsmith editors as they cover five types of joinery you can rely on for your next shop or furniture project.

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Thu Jun 13th, 10:30am
Thu Jun 13th, 4:30pm

Custom liners are fitted to the dresser-top valet. Then watch as the Woodsmith editors bring the parts of the tower bookcase together.

Watch how little details really make the bookcase project stand out. Plus, great tips and techniques for making better frame and panel assemblies.

The Woodsmith editors cover small box assembly on the keepsake box. Then learn to create simple joinery while building a versatile shop storage cart.

Success is guaranteed when the editors of Woodsmith build a silverware tray with angled box joints and an elegant bandsawn vase.

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