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Season 9

#901: New England Nostalgia
Original broadcast: 10/4/10

George and the Making It Here crew go out in search of a little New England nostalgia; first stop is the Brimfield Antique Fair where George does his best to make a deal. We will also visit Naumkeag National Historic Landmark in Stockbridge, MA and meet Josh Birch, a groundskeeper, who has been maintaining the gardens there for 30 years. Then it’s off to Mansfield, CT to visit a classic old drive-in movie theatre and  check out what’s playing for the Friday night double feature. (Watch online)

#902: On the History Trail
Original broadcast: 10/18/10
George and the Making It Here crew are on the history trail and tonight they’ll pay a visit to the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, CT. We will also introduce you to Ryan Beckman, an interpreter who works at Old Sturbridge Village. Then meet Christian Munoz Denoso, a local film cinematographer from Hadley. (Watch online)


#903: Yankee Ingenuity
Original broadcast: 11/1/10
George and the Making It Here crew set out in search of some Yankee ingenuity; first George meets a man who still makes outhouses in his workshop, Bull Hill Workshop, in Colchester, CT.  We will also head up to New Hampshire and Precision Cycle Works to see how they convert two wheel motorcycles into three wheeled trikes. We will also pay a visit to the Vermont Country Store. (Watch online)

#904: Hands on
Original broadcast: 11/15/10

Some people’s job requires that they have some very skilled hands. In this episode, host George Murphy and the Making It Here crew will introduce you to some people whose skilled hands have made them a success in life. First, meet Hope Kelly, head golf professional at the Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, MA. We will also introduce you to Lorena Garay, a vocalist and guitar player from Hartford, CT. Finally, we will meet Annette Kramek, owner of Ancient Language Collection, a design studio and clothing boutique in Pittsfield, MA. (Watch online)

#905: Getting the Word Out
Original broadcast: 11/22/10

We will meet Joan Grenier, owner of the Odyssey Book Store in South Hadley, MA. George spends the day with Bill Czelusniak, President of Messrs. Czelusniak et Dugal, Inc. Organ builders: Restoration & Maintenance, restoring a pipe organ in Greenfield. We will also introduce you to Peter Blanchette and the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra. (Watch online)


Season 8

#801: Making Something Out of Something
Original broadcast: 10/5/09

For many people in order to make something they need to start with something else first.  George heads to Greenfield, MA to meet Dan Rosenberg owner of the company Real Pickles. We will also introduce you to Ken Packie of East Otis, MA and see how he turns logs into animal sculptures all with a chain saw. Finally it is off to Thorndike MA to meet Ruth Sanderson, an illustrator of children’s books, to see how she transforms a blank piece of paper into a beautiful work of art. (Watch online)

#802: Catcher In the Rye
Original broadcast: 10/12/09

George is on the food trail; his first stop is Pittsfield Rye Specialty Breads in Pittsfield, MA. George gets a lesson in bread making from Rick and Renee Robbins owners of this third generation family business. We’ll also check out Serios Market in Northampton an independent grocery and butcher shop that has been in existence for over 50 years. Finally we will introduce you to Tinky Weisblat, a cook book author and food blogger who incorporates local history into the recipes she prepares and writes about. (Watch online)

#803: Lift Your Spirits
Original broadcast: 10/19/09

In tonight’s program George tries to lift your spirits; we will introduce you to three women who formed a business called “Art From Ashes”.  This business takes the ashes of your loved ones or pets and integrates them a unique, handcrafted glass memorial, creating a lasting, meaningful remembrance.  We will also introduce you to Jonathan Evans and Kathleen Duffy owners of The Herbarium in Chicopee, MA. George checks out the Children’s Equitation Center in Ashfield, MA to find out how they introduce urban children to the equestrian world. (Watch online)

#804: People with Vision
Original broadcast: 11/2/09

It takes vision to do some jobs and George sets out in search of a few.  First meet John Aubin owner of Open Square and see how he is making a difference in the city of Holyoke by bringing an old mill complex back to life. Then we will introduce you to Pamela Henderson an ophthalmologist at the Henderson Eye Center in Springfield. Finally George spends the day at the Conway School of Landscape Design learning how their students are being taught the latest in landscape design techniques. (Watch online)

#805: Walking a Fine Line
Original broadcast: 11/9/09

In tonight's show George walks a fine line and meets folks whos job or business deals with string, yarn or thread. He will introduce you to Erin Kelly-Dill owner of the company snackTAXI. They make reusable lunch bags all sewn from hand in her Plainfield home. Then it is off to Brattleboro, VT to meet Douglas Cox the maker of fine stringed instruments.Finally George spends the day at WEBS, Americas Yarn Store in Northampton, MA and learns all about knitting weaving and the endless supply of yarn that owners Kathy and Steve Elkins have in their showroom. (Watch online)

#806: Working with Water
Original broadcast: 11/16/09

Tonight George will meet people who work directly with water because their jobs depend on the use of water.  First he gets a guided tour of the Holyoke Canal system from Paul Ducheney, Division Superintendent for Holyoke Gas & Electric. Then it is off to Amherst MA and the Swartz Farm to see how they grow crops with out the use of soil, a term known as hydroponics. Finally we’ll head to the Berkshires to meet Chris Weld owner of Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Inc and see how he operates the first legal distillery located in the Berkshires since prohibition. (Watch online)

#807: Up in the Air
Original broadcast: 11/23/09

Tonight George will visit the Excel Dryer Company in East Longmeadow, MA to meet Denis Gagnon the president.  They are the makers of the Xlerator a high speed hand dryer that is used in public restrooms all around the world.  Then it is off to the New England Falconry to meet Chris Davis an educator, breeder and hawk trainer. Finally we will head to North Haven CT and the Haven Skate Park to see some awesome aerial stunts performed by a professional BMX bike rider. (Watch online)

#808: Performance
Original broadcast: 12/7/09

We will introduce you to people whose jobs involve performing.  First meet Kari Njiiri from WFCR; he has a jazz program that can be heard every Saturday night from 8:00pm to midnight. Then we will introduce you to Alice Parker from Hawley, MA.  Alice is a music conductor and teacher who has composed over 400 musical pieces. Finally, George visits the Show Circus Studio in Easthampton. (Watch online)

#809: From the Past
Original broadcast: 12/14/09

We’ll take a visit to Indian Orchard to meet Ed Kamuda, President of the Titanic Historical Society Museum. We will also head to Connecticut and visit a restorer of the corvette automobile. George pays a visit to the Good Time Stove Company in Goshen, MA the sellers of some of the finest refurbished pot belly stoves. (Watch online)

#810: Potpouri
Original broadcast: 1/4/10

We will get a lesson in granite from the owner of ASN Natural Stone of Chicopee. We will also introduce you to Peter Laird, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Mirage Studios in Northampton. George visits the world famous Millie's Pierogi in Chicopee. (Watch online)


Season 7

Original broadcast: 10/06/08

George spends the day at the fair finding out what it takes to make the Big E the largest fair in New England.  We will also introduce you to Master Malee Khow, president and head instructor at Malee’s School of Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Manchester, CT. Co-host Sandy Thomas will introduce you to the folks at Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics and learn about how the solar power industry is changing the way people think about energy. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 10/13/08

George heads to Lee, MA and the Hawk Meadow Farm to hike with Llamas with owner Richard Cleaver. We will also introduce you to master wood carver Dimitrios Klitsas of Hampden, MA and learn about a unique Steinway piano he is making. Co-host Sandy Thomas will explore wind power in Heath, MA and Searsburg, VT with the people from Green Mountain Power. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 10/20/08

George heads out in search of the perfect baseball bat.  He meets up with Tim Mayo of the Dream Bat Co. in Enfield, CT. We’ll also pay a visit to a speech modification specialist in Springfield. Sandy Thomas takes a look at different types of transportation as she visits Bicycles Unlimited and Evergreen Motors, both located in Greenfield. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 11/03/08

George hits the rails with the folks at the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum. His visit will include a train ride from Lenox to Stockbridge. We will also head to Connecticut to meet Tony LoRusso, a motorcycle rider and track owner. In our Energy Matters segment, co-host Sandy Thomas will visit National Fiber, located in Belchertown, to learn about cellulose insulation. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 11/10/08

George heads to the Berkshires and the home of Sheffield Pottery to learn how this family-run company has evolved since its humble beginnings in the early 1940’s. We will also introduce you to John Green, a self-proclaimed naturalist from Belchertown, MA. Co-host Sandy Thomas meets Chris Mason, the Energy and Sustainability officer for the City of Northampton.  Together they will take a tour of the newly constructed Northampton Senior Center and look at all of the green elements that went into the construction of that building. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 11/17/08

George gets a lesson in dog grooming from the owner of “Let the Fur Fly”, a mobile dog grooming business. We will also introduce you to a couple of tea makers from Hatfield, MA. Sandy Thomas will explore some unique all-green condominiums in Easthampton. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 11/24/08

George visits South Deerfield and the home of Berkshire Brewing Company. We will also introduce you to Natalia Munoz. Sandy Thomas will visit Seeds of Solidarity in Orange, MA.  She will learn how they provide people of all ages with the inspiration and practical tools to use renewable energy and grow food in their communities. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 12/08/08

George travels to East Haddam, Connecticut and the home of the Consumer Reports Test Track. He gets a ride in some of the newest vehicles that they are testing for the upcoming publications. We will also travel to Lee, MA and visit a unique special effects museum. Sandy Thomas will talk with architect Margo Jones of Greenfield to learn about some of the “Green” designs that she is involved with. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 12/15/08

George spends the day at a foundry with Bill Cubi, the Quality Assurance Manager at Trident Alloys in Springfield. We will also take a white water rafting trip down the Deerfield River with Howard Bronstein, a Rafting Guide with Zoar Outdoor in Charlemont, MA. Sandy Thomas will be on the job in Shelburne Falls installing windows with Joe Graveline, owner of Sunrise Windows, Northfield, MA.  She will also pay a visit to the Warm and Toasty Windows Company in Leverett to learn about their unique insulated window shades. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 12/22/08

George visits the Noble and Cooley Custom Drum Company in Granville, MA.  There he talks with company president Jay Jones and learns about the rich history this company has making drums for over 140 years. We will also introduce you to Geraldo Ramos, owner of Marine Reef Habitat in Holyoke.  Geraldo grows and sells coral varieties for marine tanks. Sandy Thomas goes along on a home energy audit with Beth Paulson an Energy Analyst with the Center for Ecological Technology. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 1/05/09

George visits the Florence Casket Company and learns how this family owned Company has been crafting quality caskets since 1873.  We will also introduce you to Jane Beatrice Wegscheider, an independent artist from Shelburne Falls who has created a unique art installation with a very important message. Sandy Thomas will visit Green Monster E-Cycling in West Hartford, Connecticut to learn, from owner Joe Galiatsato, how this company recycles various pieces of electronic equipment. (Watch online)

Original broadcast: 1/12/09

George visits Southbridge, MA and the home of Hyde Tool, a knife and tool manufacturer. We will also introduce you to Gengiz Ibas, a custom tailor from Easthampton. Sandy Thomas tours the new gas-turbine based energy center on the campus of the University of Massachusetts. (Watch online)


Original broadcast: 1/26/09

George visits the New England Cheese Making Supply Company in Ashfield, MA to talk with owner Ricki Carroll. We will also introduce you to Marla Brodski, a musher from Chesterfield, MA.
Sandy gets a lesson in Green building products from Thomas Hartman, of Coldham & Hartman Architects in Amherst. (Watch online)



Season 6

#601: Sound of Music
Original broadcast: 10/8/07

Western New England has some wonderful music to offer and tonight we’ll meet a few people who make it. Meet Ezequiel Menéndez, music director for the Hartford Diocese and learn how he created one of the largest music programs in Connecticut. Drop in on Springfield recording artist and bassist supreme Jo Sallins, who takes time off from touring the world to integrate music and performance into community classrooms. Take a look behind-the-scenes at Tanglewood, world renown for the best that music has to offer. (Watch online)

#602: What's Old is New
Original broadcast: 10/15/07

New England has been revived, restored, recycled, or rebuilt in a tradition that continues to this day. Visit Sullivan Scrap Metals in Holyoke and learn how old metal and aluminum is recycled for another use. Then it’s up the river to Greenfield where we meet an upholsterer and learn how she gives new life to an old piece of furniture. Finally, George goes on an “antique appraisal house call” with the owner of Fancy That Antiques in Wilbraham. George ponders the creation of board games and Pittsfield's Colonial Theater. (Watch online)

#603: Reading Between the Lines
Original broadcast: 10/22/07

Once the writer has written the words who puts together the actually book, creates the print, makes the binding, does the illustrations? From book binders to authors and illustrators, we go out in search of people whose lives revolve around books. Learn about the process of publishing book at North Adam’s Storey Publications. Meet Carol Blinn of Warwick Press, a book artist, typographer and letterpress printer. Head north to New Hampshire and spend the day at Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press in Ashuelot with owners Dan Carr and Julia Ferrari, and learn the traditional craft of punchcutting. (Watch online)

#604: All Bottled Up
Original broadcast: 11/05/07

Sometimes you find much more than just a message in a bottle as George discovers while dropping in on some of our western New England neighbors. Mee Paul Kozub, owner of V-One Vodka which became one of the world's finest after only three years on the market. It's then off the Highlawn Farm in Lee, MA, run by the Wilde family for more than 100 years. Then visit Cyalume Technologies in West Springfield, MA to learn about the technology of making a glass tube glow in the dark. (Watch online)

#605: Hand Made
Original broadcast: 11/12/07

Few things are crafted by hand anymore in this age of high technology and speed, butwe  found a few people right here in our own backyard who still make wonderful things by hand. Meet film, television and theater actress Karen Allen, owner of Karen Allen Fiber Arts, who creates sweaters, scarves, and hats utilizing vivid colors and the finest of fibers. Warren Renauld, a self-proclaimed miniaturist with a penchant for carnivals takes us into his very small, realistically detailed, handmade world of rides, people and buildings. George spends the day making music at the Button Box with Doug Creighton and Bob Snope, makers of the meticulously designed, handmade Morse concertina. (Watch online)

#606: The Art of Communication
Original broadcast: 11/19/07

There are hundreds of ways we communicate and technology has provided us with many more, but tonight we’re going to examine three that I’m sure you’ll find quite interesting. George meets with Michael Harrison of Springfield, MA, a radio broadcasting maverick and trade journalist who publishes Talkers Magazine, the leading trade publication serving the talk radio industry in America. In Southampton, MA, we drop in on Edna Bresnahan, owner of the Crystal Parrot where George has some interesting conversations… with some of her birds. It’s then up north to Greenfield, MA, where one of the oldest forms of communication takes on a contemporary approach. George spends the day with Dan Hale of Hale Custom Signs and learns how neon and digital printing are part of today’s signs. (Watch online)

#607: Eatin' Good
Original broadcast: 11/26/07

While out searching for some tasty treats George finds everything from the ultimate slice of bread to meals being prepared for 45,000 all right here in western New England. In Amherst, MA, Ken Toong, executive director of the University of Massachusetts Dining Services, shows us how 45,000 meals are prepared daily for the university population. Drop in on Neftali Duran, owner of El Jardin Bakery, and get a lesson on making wood fired, brick oven, organic bread. For more than 300 years, the Ariston family has been growing, producing, bottling and distributing the best extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata, Greece to the entire world through their business, Ariston Specialties. (Watch online)

#608: Past Times 
Original broadcast: 12/10/07

Western New England is rich in history and many dedicate their vocations to preserving its past. In Williamstown, MA, George spends the day helping preserve an old cemetery with Irving Slavid of the Monument Conservation Collaborative. Pay a visit to K & P Weaver, LLC to see how old style baseball uniforms and equipment are meeting the needs of vintage baseball’s comeback. Visit Ray Bates, owner of The British Clockmaker, a clock repair and restoration business in Newfane, VT. (Watch online)

#609: Hang Loose
Original broadcast: 12/17/07

For some, “hangin’ loose” is a preferred lifestyle. This week, George and the crew head out across western New England in search of some of those people. See how the Wire Monkey Dance Company in Holyoke, MA creates highly physical dance installations utilizing steel scaffolding and other industrial materials. Pay a visit to freelance yoga and dance instructor Aaron Vega who teaches yoga based in traditional hatha yoga with influences from Ashtanga, Kundalini, and T'ai Chi. Meet with “Ras Jahn” Bullock who has been bringing reggae music to the valley for 32 years with his bands “Loose Caboose” and “The Alchemystics.” (Watch online)

#610: Different Ways of Doing Business
Original broadcast: 1/7/08

Many people have found some unique ways to run their businesses. Meet Ruthy Woodring, owner of the Pedal People Cooperative, a human powered hauling and delivery service in Northampton, MA. Next we visit with Adair Laurel-Cafarella and Tamarin Laurel-Paine owners of Azure Green an internet based business specializing in Metaphysical, Witchcraft, Pagan, Spell Crafts, and New Age supplies. Drop in at the Jiminy Peak Ski Area in Hancock, MA, to learn how they are using modern day windmills to help provide power for their ski resort. (Watch online)

#611: Making a House a Home
Original broadcast: 1/14/08

What makes a house a home? Meet Sarah Auerbach and Cindy Nelson, owners of Amherst Style, who offer services for interior decorating and re-design, paint color consulting and home staging. Spend the day with Shaun Garvey, owner of Berkshire Barns Inc. in Dalton, MA, to see how they help save old barns for future generations to use and enjoy. Meet Brandi Gamble Eddington, a realtor in the greater Springfield, MA, area. Learn about the history of Mark Twain's home in Hartford, CT. (Watch online)

#612: Getting From Here to There
Original broadcast: 1/21/08

Visit the Scuderi Group, a family business based in West Springfield, MA, whose goal is to take their father’s invention of the Split Cycle engine from the drawing board to the assembly line.  Mail always has to get from here to there and Springfield, MA, mail carrier Steve Roy will show us how it’s done. Spend the day at the Gillespie Corporation in Ware, MA, learning how the company designs and constructs custom elevators of all types. (Watch online)

#613: George's Cure for Cabin Fever
Original broadcast: 1/28/08

As winter days get longer and colder, George sets out in search of a cure for his cabin fever. His first stop is the 166 year-old, family owned Rugg Manufacturing in Greenfield, MA, the birthplace of the Back Saver Snow Shovel. Meet skating coach and instructor Vadim Naumov at the International Skating Center of Connecticut, one of the top ten rated rinks in the U.S. Visit the historic Shelburne Falls Bowling Alley in Shelburne Falls, MA, the second oldest bowling alley in the country. (Watch online)

Season 5

#501: Shaping Up 
Original broadcast: 10/09/06

George lends a hand shaping up the corn field maze at Warner Farm in Sunderland. Each year owner Mike Wisseman & artist Will Sillin carve a new design into their cornfield, George stops by to see how this years maze is shaping up. We will also introduce you to Susan Jaye Kaplan to see how her local non-profit agency Go FIT helps underprivileged youth stay in shape and eat healthier. And meet Lucy Fagella, a local potter from Greenfield, and find out how she shapes clay into beautiful works of art.

#502: Ground Work
Original broadcast: 10/16/06

For some people their livelihood comes from the ground; in this episode George goes out in search of some of these people. First stop:  White Flower Farm in Litchfield, CT to meet owner Eliot Wadsworth. There George will learn how this family owned nursery, grows its flowers and bulbs and sells them all over the continental United States. We’ll also grind some coffee grounds with the folks at Dean’s Beans Coffee in Orange, MA.  Finally, we’ll introduce you to golf course superintendent Steve Curry, affectionately known as the “Keeper of the Green” at the Berkshire Hills Country Club in Pittsfield, MA.

#503: Scary Things
Original broadcast: 10/30/06

Tonight it’s all about things that go bump in the night. George gets up close and personal with some scary critters as he meets Frank Campiti owner of Dr. Spooky’s Animal Museum in south Deerfield, MA. We will also introduce you to Jim Clark of Clark’s Creatures. Jim Clark, who is a Herpetoculturist, does shows for kids at schools to teach them awareness about wildlife and reptiles in particular. Finally meet a real live ghost hunter from Connecticut.

#504: The World Below
Original broadcast: 11/13/06

Some people do some amazing things underground, and in this episode we managed to find a few. Kevin Downey is an award-winning photographer and founder of Lascaux Digital Imaging. Kevin turned his hobby as a spelunker into a career as a photographer. We’ll harvest some worms with Jim Dombrowski, owner of Connecticut Valley Worm Farm. Finally, George goes almost 1000 feet underground at the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Station with Station Manager John Howard to see how this unique hydro-electric facility generates electricity.

#505: New England Traditions
Original broadcast: 11/20/06

In tonight's episode we will introduce you to some people who have traditional New England type jobs. George spends the day with Jim Lunt, owner of Lunt Silversmiths in Greenfield, MA learning how this family owned business has been making some of the finest sterling table ware and gift ware for over 100 years. We will also meet the owner of Northampton Wools, Linda Daniels, and share her passion for knitting at her downtown Northampton yarn shop. We will also travel to Colrain, MA to meet a blacksmith.

#506: Light as Air
Original broadcast: 11/27/06

Tonight we visit Shelton, CT home of The Wiffle Ball Company to see how this perforated little plastic ball is made and to learn more about this, three generation, family owned business.  We will also take to the skies with Peggy Loeffler, a pilot and flight instructor at Great Barrington Airport.  Finally we will introduce you to Jeff Walters, a custom air brush painter from Feeding Hills, MA.


#507: Been Around Awhile
Original broadcast: 12/11/06

When you think of things or places that have been around for a while perhaps the universe comes to mind. Tonight we will introduce you to Prof. David Wang, Ph.D. – astronomer and Associate Professor of Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Prof. Wang is studying and analyzing X-ray images of the center of the Milky Way galaxy sent back from deep space by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. We will also meet an art restorer at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center. George will pay a visit to the Williamsburg General Store to learn about the store’s history and its long time owners, the Majercik family.

#508: Look and Listen
Original broadcast: 12/18/06

Many people do things that stimulate our senses of sight and sound, tonight we will introduce you to a few. We will introduce you to Ella Baff, the Executive Director at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival in Becket, MA  and learn how she commissions work in all traditions and styles of dance to come to Jacobs Pillow. We will introduce you to Jay Dickinson from Westfield. Jay is a piano technician and an inventor who tunes piano’s all around the valley and has invented a unique musical flag pole. We will also pay a visit to the Community Music School of Springfield. And introduce you to its executive director Eric Bachrach.

#509: Got You Covered
Original broadcast: 1/8/07

Tonight George and the Making It Here crew has got you covered from a roofer to a children’s book illustrator/ author to a man who sell some of the finest hats in the area. First meet children’s book author and illustrator Diane deGroat of Amherst and learn, not only how she creates some of the book cover illustrations, but also how she develops her story ideas. Next meet Richard Little from the Brim and Crown Hat Shop in Springfield and learn about the world of selling fine hats. Finally George spends the day with roofer Jack Mahan, owner of Mahan Slate Roofing Co. They are finishing up a copper roof on one of the most unique homes in western New England.

#510: People Helping People
Original broadcast: 1/15/07

Tonight it is all about helping hands. Meet Marge and Trish Sommeling, and learn how these twin sisters are helping people feel better through their acupuncture business Good Point Asian Healing of Northampton. Next it’s off to South Hadley to the Pink Pedal Boutique where owner Donna Reed, a certified Mastectomy Fitter, provides a passionate environment for breast cancer survivors.Finally, George travels to Brattleboro, VT to meet Walter Hagedorn owner of Sensation Products. Walter’s business provides high quality, unique products for the special needs community.

Season 4

#401: Shoe Fly Pie
Original Air Date: 02/06/06

George visits Hilltop Orchards in Richmond, MA. He sets out in search of an apple pie but discovers there are all sorts of other things one can do with apples including making wine and Hard Cider. We will also introduce you to Paul Meade, a fly fisherman and fly tier from Shelburne Falls, MA and Jose Serrazina, a cobbler, and owner of Shu Fix in Northampton

#402: Home Sweet Home
Original Air Date: 02/13/06

George meets Gloria Smith, President of the Zanger Company, a local importer of Polish Pottery and featured regularly on QVC. We will also spend the day making candles at Whip City Candle in Westfield, and go along on a home inspection with Cary Bissell and Pam Bissell Connors of Affordable Home and Septic Inspections, to learn the do’s & don’ts of home buying.

#403: Into the Woods
Original Air Date: 02/20/06

George heads north to Dummerston, VT to learn some personal survival skills in the woods with Lorene Wapotich, Director of Her Feet on the Earth. We will also meet Nancy Dickinson from Leeds, MA and see how she created her own civilization which she calls Acorn People. Finally meet the owner of Allenby Tree Movers of Hatfield and see what it takes to move a tree.

#404: Family Fun
Original Air Date: 03/06/06

George spends the afternoon at the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow feeding the animals with zookeeper Henry Lupa. We will also sample some of the homemade ice cream at Rondeau’s Dairy Bar in Palmer and take a lesson on the ski slopes of Blandford with ski instructor Lisa Masciadrelli.


#405: Waterworld
Original Air Date: 03/13/06

George spends the day with Joe Dilk Jr. and the crew from Connecticut Valley Artesian Well Co. of East Longmeadow. We will also introduce you to Laura and Scott Cook, owners of Wilderness Experiences and Westfield Water Sports in Southwick, MA. Finally, take a summer cruise aboard the Quinnetuket II river boat with Captain Alex Friedman and first mate and interpreter, Eric Lundquist. This boat cruises the Connecticut River in Northfield, MA.

#406: It's Showtime
Original Air Date: 03/20/06

George visits Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut to meet the people who train the animals to perform in their shows. We will also introduce you to Al Nardi of Springfield who lost his hearing at an early age, but that hasn't prevented him from composing and performing his own brand of music he calls Nouveau. We will also meet Tamador Gibreel of Springfield, director of a Sudanese Dance Troupe called Brides of the Nile.

#407: Keeping It Clean
Original Air Date: 03/27/06

Steve Lasky of Ludlow is a window washer who's job takes him to "great heights." George spends the day with Katie Wainright owner of Doggie Doody Disposal. Her motto is "We do doody, so you don't have to." We will also meet a local chimney sweep.



#408: Transformation
Original Air Date: 04/03/06

This episode is all about people who have the skills to transform one thing into another. First, meet Andrew DeVries, a bronze sculptor from Huntington, MA. He uses the fire of his furnaces and the skill in his hands to transform liquid bronze into solid works of art. We will also introduce you to Maria Ferrar, a hair salon owner in Holyoke, MA. Maria came from the Dominican Republic five years ago and began cutting hair. Now she has 8 women working for her and manages the salon full time. Finally George spends the day with Tracy Kochanski, owner of Custom Carved Horses of Westfield. Tracy transforms blocks of wood into beautiful carousel-style horses.

#409: Play on Words
Original Air Date: 04/24/06

For some people, words are their life. Bill Rathbun is a neon artist in Leverett. He works fulltime as the art teacher at Easthampton high school where, among other things, he teaches a sign-making class. We will also meet Magdalena Gomez, a poet, award-winning playwright, performance artist and arts educator. Ms. Gomez brings her passion to directing an ensemble of women formerly incarcerated at the Hampden County jail, in a performance of their original work at Western New England College , titled "Voices from inside: Women Speak From Prison." George spends the day with Peter Sokolowski, associate editor at Merriam Webster Dictionary, to learn how a word makes it into the dictionary. He also will talk with Josh Guenter, the pronunciation editor.

#410: Attention to Detail
Original Air Date: 05/01/06

Meet Kevin Bourbeau & Peter Graves, owners of East Coast Chopper Works in Turners Falls and see how they take an idea on paper and transform it into custom chopper worthy of national attention. We will also introduce you to Julie Godfrey of Shelburne Falls, a woodworker who specializes in marquetry, a unique form of inlay. She recently completed an arc that is now being used at the Solomon Schechter Day School in Northampton. Finally, George spends the day in South Deerfield with Sonam Lama constructing structures all made of stone.

#411: In the Spotlight
Original Air Date: 05/08/06

Meet Steve Henderson, a local actor from Springfield. Steve gave up his job in the health care field to follow his dream of acting and is doing it, in all places, western Massachusetts. Also meet Andrea Burns, a photographer from Easthampton, MA to see how her work puts people in the spotlight. George meets The Dinn Brothers of Dinn Brothers Trophies in Holyoke. Dinn Brothers is one of the leading trophy and awards manufacturers in the country and has been in business for 50 years.

#412: Preserving the Past
Original Air Date: 05/15/06

Many people are responsible for preserving the past and many people do it in different ways. First, meet Jim Mooney, who runs the Crematorium at Springfield Cemetery, and Frank Forrestiere, the 3rd generation in the Forrestiere family to be in the funeral service business. We will also meet Linda Abrams, a genealogist from Longmeadow and learn how she traces family roots and uncovers lost secrets. We will also pay a vist to the Connecticut Trolley Museum to see how the by-gone era of trolley cars is preserved for the public to see and ride.

#413: On the Go
Original Air Date: 05/22/06

Meet Max Hartshorne, owner of GoNomad.com, in South Deerfield, MA. It is an alternative travel web site where visitors find "inspiration and links to plan their trip"– so if you’re looking to do elephant research in Thailand or learn Spanish in Cancun, GoNomad.com is the place to go! We will also spend the day at the Holyoke Dam seeing how they keep the fish moving each spring as they head up river to migrate. Finally, George will take a trip to the highest point in Massachusetts: Mt. Greylock. He will get a "guided tour" with Visitor Services Supervisor Alec Gilman.


Season 3

#301: People in High Places
Original broadcast:  01/03/05

Meet John Nelson who repairs clock towers in many churches and Town Halls around the region. Canopy Access Associates is an Amherst-based company which builds canopy walkways both locally and in tropical rainforests around the world. Founder Bart Bouricius, is actively involved in the design and construction of the walkways, which are used for research and eco-tourism. George takes to the skies with Pioneer Valley Balloons in Northampton, MA

#302: No Place Like Home
Original broadcast: 01/10/05

Join George on a tour of Lamson and Goodnow in Shelburne Falls, MA, to see how they make some of the finest kitchen cutlery in the world. Then meet Paul Laccinski of GreenSpace Collaborative, Sidehill Farm in Ashfield, MA. Paul is an expert on straw bale construction: homes that use bales of straw, covered by cement, for insulation. We'll also meet Barbara Perman, founder and Director of Moving Mentor, Inc., a company that provides moving management services and relocation assistance to senior citizens.

#303: How Technology Affects How We Get Around
Original broadcast: 01/17/05

We will meet Josh Kerson of Sunderland, MA, who is a Hampshire College graduate. Josh has developed an electric assistive recumbent tricycle. We will also meet Justin Carven of Greasecar.com in Easthampton, MA, who has developed a fuel kit for diesel engines that enables them to run entirely on vegetable oil. Word about his product spread following a 10,000 mile trip across the country. George also visits the Space and Aeronautics division at Hamilton Sundstrand in Windsor Locks, CT.

#304: Keeping Up Appearances
Original broadcast: 01/24/05

We will visit Honey Bunnies Fashions, a Springfield-based store that specializes in Brazilian and exotic clothing. George pays a visit to Clark's Corvairs, the world’s largest supplier of parts for the discontinued Corvair automobile, located in Shelburne, MA. We will also meet Canine Design, a dog groomer from Chicopee, MA.

#305: Food From the Region
Original broadcast: 01/31/05

There are many different types of food that comes from the region that we live in. In this episode we will meet Tevis Stites Robertson owner of Crabapple Farm, an organic vegetable & beef farm in Chesterfield, MA. We will also visit West Stockbridge, MA and the Charles H. Baldwin and Sons Company, who have been making pure vanilla extract for over 110 years. Finally, George will meet John Reid, President of Bioshelters, Inc. There we will learn how they creating a sustainable agriculture using fish and herbs.

#306: Somebody Has Got to Do It
Original broadcast: 02/07/05      

George goes in search of the jobs that not many of us want to do but someone has to. George visits the Bondi’s Island waste water treatment plant to see how they treat the millions of gallons of sewage they receive daily. We will also meet Paul Vacchina, the only full time inspector (also known as the ‘sealer’) of weights and measures in western Massachusetts. He’s been on the job 11 years, making sure scales, gas pumps and other instruments that weigh and measure are up to standard! We'll also follow April Tiuszcz, a plumber from Ludlow, and see how she does her job every day.

#307: You Asked for It
Original broadcast: 02/14/05

We get a lot of letters and e-mails telling us about unique people doing interesting things, so we put together a show that highlights some of the best viewer requests. George visits Cowls Lumber in Amherst to see how this family business not only produces lumber but educates the community about the process as well. We'll meet Fred Beeden, owner of Just Soap in Florence, MA, and see how he makes soap using a bicycle. We will also visit The Masters Collection in Somersville, CT, who founded the process by which fine art reproductions are made and meet Gregory Panjian and John Leo. The company has been in Connecticut for 30 years.

#308: People Who Work with Animals
Original broadcast: 02/21/05

Many people doing amazing things with animals and we have managed to find a few. We will meet a woman who left her corporate job to publish the Western Mass Horse Whisperer Magazine, a magazine geared toward the horse owner or enthusiast. We will also meet a Chicopee woman who makes gourmet dog treats. Finally, George will spend the day with a dog trainer in Westfield.

#309: Organized Chaos
Original broadcast: 02/28/05

Some people's jobs are more chaotic than others and tonight we will meet a few. We'll meet George Parks, director of the UMASS Minuteman Marching Band, and see how his enthusiasm and passion gets passed along to his students who in turn pass it along to the audience. We will also meet a Juggler named Joel Harris and see what it takes to keep it all in the air. Finally, George spends the lunch hour at the White Hut in West Springfield flipping burgers with owner E.J. Barkett.

#310: Helping Others Play Sports
Original broadcast: 03/28/05

To participate in an athletic activity you need the support of a lot of people, tonight we will meet a few. Ray Fagnant is the northeast scout for the Boston Red Sox; learn how he helps some people realize their dream of playing in the major leagues. We will also meet Djata Bumpus, an ex- boxer who now shares his knowledge of the sport with others at the Pioneer Valley Boxing Center in Northampton. Finally we hit the slopes at Berkshire East to find out what it takes to run a local Ski Area.

#311: Spiritual Life
Original broadcast: 04/04/05

There are many things that can play with our psyche, from new forms of medicine to un-explained phenomena. Beth-Ann Latsko is an East Longmeadow woman who had a life changing experience and now is a practicing Reiki Master. Then we'll meet Rose Diamond, a Feng Shui practitioner from West Springfield. Finally, we will visit the Center for Cultural Evolution in Colrain and find out what goes on up there.

#312: The Arts
Original broadcast: 04/11/05

George goes out in search of people who do some unique art work and some of the more unique places to find it. First stop is Washington, MA in the Berkshires to visit with Carol Lew, a unique artist, who will do something creative and unusual when you send her a picture of your pet. Next we visit the Holy Oak Tattoo Parlor and discover the secrets behind getting a tattoo. Finally George spends the day with Richard Criddle, Director of Fabrication and Installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams.

#313: Old to New
Original broadcast: 03/18/05

We will meet artist J.D. Logan, who brings an old style of painting to his art work. We will also meet a piano restorer in Springfield who completely rebuilds and maintains some of the most beautiful pianos you have ever seen. Finally George will visit Allegra Farm in East Haddam, CT and see how they restore antique carriages and sleighs and see some of the unique things that they get used for.

#314: All in the Family
Original broadcast:  05/02/05

There are many family-run businesses in the area and some have been around for years. George and the Making It Here crew head out in search of some of the more unique ones. We will visit Platz Percussion to see how this father and son business of making African drums operates, then we visit Richardson's Candy Kitchen in Deerfield and talk with owners Kathy Williams (daughter) and Barbara Woodward (mother). Finally, George pays a visit to Thomson Canoe Works in Shelburne Falls to meet Emily and Dylan Schoezel. The Schoezel’s are husband and wife canoe builders and wood boat restorers.

#315: Tasty Treats
Original broadcast: 05/07/05

George visits Harmony Springs Beverages in Ludlow to learn how they have made old-fashioned gourmet soda and seltzer water for over 50 years. We will also visit the ice cream cake department at Friendly Ice Cream in Wilbraham to see how they make and design some of those delicious ice cream cakes. We will also spend an early morning at Chmura’s Bakery in Indian Orchard and meet some of the people behind the tempting creations that come from this 100-year-old bakery.

#316: In Performance
Original broadcast: 05/14/05

Many people have jobs that put them in the spotlight or help others obtain this goal. George and the crew go out in search of people whose jobs are all about performing for others. We will meet Priscilla Kane Hellweg, Artistic and Executive Director of the Enchanted Circle Theater, recognized as one of the finest educational theater companies in New England. We will also introduce you to Darryl Moss of Poetry Joint Entertainment. George sits in during a recording session with Robert Honablue, owner of One Sound Place in Springfield, MA.

#317: Keeping Us Safe
Original broadcast: 05/28/05

We depend on some people to keep us safe in our daily lives. Many times these people are unrecognized for the work they do. George and the crew go out in search of people who have jobs that help keep all of us safe. We will see how the Springfield Police K-9 team operates, then we will introduce you to safety consultant Milton Jacobs and George spends the day with Mark Lewandowski, the Deputy Director of Training at the Connecticut Fire Academy.


Season 2 

#201: Back to School
Original broadcast: 10/06/03

Join host George Murphy as he learns some defensive driving techniques at the Dodge Skip Barber Driving School. Then it's off to Mt. Holyoke College to meet the founders of Musicorda, Jacqueline Melnick and Leopold Teraspulsky, who have been teaching chamber music for the past 17 summers. But if Hockey is more your style, then you'll certainly want to learn from one of the best, Gary Dineen and find out why his school is so popular.

#202: Local Connections to the Big Time
Original broadcast: 10/13/03

Join George as he learns why Ovation Guitars, made at Kaman Music in CT, are so special. You'll also meet self-proclaimed "Banner Queen" Amy Johnquest, of Ashfield; an artist whose distinctive side-show style paintings are featured in the souvenir tour book for Bruce Springsteen's 2003 summer performances. Finally, meet singer/songwriter/guitarist John Sheldon, who spent years on the road touring with Van Morrison and whose song "September Grass" leads off James Taylor's latest album.

#203: For the Love of Pets
Original broadcast: 10/20/03

Meet Jody Chiquoine and her staff at Fitter Critters who understand your pet's physical and emotional needs following an illness or surgery. You'll also meet Veterinarian Dr. Ted Johnson of Dummerston, VT and learn what it's like to treat large domestic Animals. Then meet Eddie and Leslie Grinnell of Eddie's Wheels in Shelburne and the special carts they make to restore mobility to pets.

#204: It's All About Wood
Original broadcast: 11/03/03

Join George as he learns some interesting ways to use reclaimed lumber and salvaged local hardwoods to create beautiful new furniture with Ken Salem. We'll also take you to the woods of Goshen, CT with logger Dale Horn and introduce you to master sculptor Elton Braithwaite, whose works are sometimes literal and other times abstract.

#205: More Fun and Games
Original broadcast: 11/10/03

This week, you'll meet Paul and Ellen Drexler, a husband and wife team in Marlborough CT, who create unique pool cues out of exotic woods. Then slip your feet into something comfortable and a little bit different as we visit with Steve Hamlin of Huntington and John Spear of Springfield who make clown shoes.

#206: You Bring the Crackers, We've Got the Cheese and Wine
Original broadcast: 11/24/03

Join George as he tours a former World War II bunker that now serves as a climate controlled facility for rare and expensive wines, owned and operated by Jed and Amie Benedict of Somers CT. Then it's off to the hills, the Berkshire Hills that is, as we meet Michael Miller owner of Berkshire Blue Cheese. And finally, we'll introduce you to husband and wife Joe and MaryAnn Sullivan, owners of Chester Hill Winery, as they make some Blueberry Wine.

#207: Volunteerism
Original broadcast: 12/08/03

This episode is devoted to people whose work makes a difference in our communities, including Kevin Noonan of Springfield's Open Pantry, Steve Becker of the Hartford Association of Retarded Persons, and Julia Rivera, who runs special programs for inner-city children in Holyoke.

#208: It's Music to My Ears
Original broadcast: 12/15/03

Making It Here pays a visit to the Austin Pipe Organ Company in Hartford, CT, who have been making pipe organs for almost 100 years. Then we will meet William Cumpiano of Northampton, MA, whose heritage (half Bostonian, half Puerto Rican) lends a multi-cultural approach to his instrument making. We will also introduce you to Richard Rescia, the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Commonwealth Opera Company in Northampton.

#209: To Your Health
Original broadcast: 01/05/04

We’ll visit the Shriners Hospital and meet James Athearn, the Director of the Prosthetic and Orthotic Department and learn about the fascinating care and support they provide to those in need. You’ll also meet Dr. Reed Shinder from Baystate Medical Center and see what he has to offer in terms of advice for Preventive and Cardiology Wellness. Then George gets some advice from Marylynn Orlovsky, a Preventive Therapeutic Exercise Specialist of KUR Health Systems as she uses her knowledge to asses George’s body: that should be interesting!

#210: In Performance
Original broadcast:  01/12/04

Be sure to join host George Murphy for a behind the scenes tour of City Stage as Technical Director Chad Labombard shows what goes in to preparing for a show. You’ll also meet the owner of Paradise Dance in Easthampton, Deborah Cohen. A dancer, choreographer and instructor, Deborah shares her love for all forms of dance. And finally it’s off to Vermont to meet Serenity and Elsie of Gemini Trapeze. This duo has performed with the world famous Cirque de Soleil and now live on a 200 acre farm in Guilford, Vermont where they teach and practice different routines.

#211: Second Careers
Original broadcast: 01/19/04

We’ll meet Karen Carlson, she went from being an executive at Tyco Systems to Director for Habitat For Humanity. We will also meet Baiqing Li. He once played professional basketball in China but now he teaches Tai Chi in the Pioneer Valley. Our last guest is Barry Higgins. Barry gave up a career in the medical industry to follow his own heritage and make Native American Flutes.

#212: That's Entertainment
Original broadcast: 01/26/04

George tries his hand at a little comedy improve with the Villa Jidiots. We get a peek at the Boars Head Festival and we’ll also see what it takes to put together a fireworks display with Atlas Fireworks.

#213: All About Food
Original broadcast: 02/09/04

From chocolate to chili, it is all being made under the supervision of Herb Heller at the Franklin County Food Processing Center. We will also see how the Pekarski Family of South Deerfield has been making sausage for almost 50 years. Finally, we learn about nutrition from Barbara Storper, executive director at Food Play in Florence, MA.

#214: Keeping Order
Original broadcast: 02/16/04

George visits the chef at Baystate Medical Center to see how he prepares the meals for all of the hospitals patients and employees. We will also visit the new air traffic control tower at Bradley International Airport to see how they keep track of all those planes on a daily basis. Finally we sit in on Dr. Cellastine Bailey’s 5th grade class at the Rebecca Johnson School in Springfield to she how she keeps order in the classroom.

Season 1

#101: The Perfect Cup of Coffee
George Murphy goes in search of the perfect cup of coffee to Baronet Coffee in Hartford, CT. We'll also visit with a dairy (Mapleline Farm) that still delivers door-to-door and meet the man who invented the original bagel slicer (Larien Products).

#102: Up in the Air
George Murphy pays a visit to a Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens butterfly conservatory in Deerfield. We'll also meet the flight crew of the State Police Air Wing and a man who helps birds of prey.

#103: Out in the Garden
George Murphy brings you out in the garden with a visit to the Mount Holyoke College Botanic Garden. We'll also visit William G. Duffy, Jr., a horticulturalist & landscape designer from Northampton, and a beezzzy man in Wendell, MA.

#104: A Paper Trail
Western New England may no longer be one of the focal points in the world of the paper but there still many connections to the paper industry in the region. Join George Murphy on a visit to a Dalton, MA company who proves there's real money in paper…and vice-versa. Featuring Paper City Brewery of Holyoke, Crane Paper of Dalton, & The Springfield Union News.  

#105: George's Sweet Tooth
Most of us can't seem to resist the sweetest of treats and George Murphy is no exception. Join us this week when Making It Here takes you on a trip to see some of the sweetest people in western New England. We'll talk with a Rose-Ann's Bakery & Catering, the Bart's Homemade ice cream factory and a chocolatier from East Longmeadow.

#106: Fun and Games
Work isn't all fun and games except, for some people, it is! Join George Murphy as he visits with the proprietors of A2Z Science & Learning Store in Northampton, MA to get the inside scoop on this slightly unusual "toy store". We'll also visit with the people who make the implements used to play the game when we stop by A.G. Golf Club in West Springfield, MA. And we'll talk with a syndicated cartoonist from Florence, MA whose work takes her to a place that, Rhymes With Orange.

#107: Metal Works
Many of the common objects we come in contact with everyday are made of metal. But there are people all over western New England doing some not so common things with metal. This week, George goes back in time a little when he visits with Williamsburg Blacksmiths Inc.. We'll also show you a Springfield man who makes things from the metal others discard and we'll talk with a Florence, MA bronzeweaver.

#108: Working with Animals
We've all seen the amazing canines who become the eyes for people who have lost their sight. This week, George Murphy pays a visit to The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Bloomfield, CT to talk to someone who raises and trains those dogs. We'll also visit Crowley Commission Sales, the largest horse trading operation east of the Mississippi River. And we'll talk with a woman who is enjoying the life of a New England rancher. But this isn't the kind of rancher you might usually think about.

#109: St. Patrick's Day Parade
This is a special edition of Making It Here. This week, George pays a visit to people and places involved in this years' Holyoke St. Patrick's Parade.

#110: The Main Event
George visits with people who work at making some of the biggest events happen. First we'll talk with a woman who will drive you to your special occasion in style, George will visit with an event planner at Chez Josef who makes sure your event comes off without a hitch and then we'll go to Yoko Kato's shop in Northampton where she will be your dresser for one of the biggest events in your life.

#111: Science
In this episode of Making It Here, we'll visit with some people in Great Barrington, MA who combine art and science to provide unique products to the medical community. We'll also meet with a company who, if they can't capture lightening in a bottle, they'll just make their own. And we'll visit with a man who can actually control the stars.

#112: The Natural Life
George goes back to the earth this week as he pays a visit to some local people who are "Making It Here" using all natural products in the jobs they do: Gould's Sugar House, WiseWays Herbals, & Justamere Tree Farm and Soap Works.

#113: At the Movies
For the last show of our first season, George takes a trip to the movies. We'll go behind the scenes to visit with some local people who help bring those big time Hollywood movies to a theater near you.