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Energy Matters


Sandy Thomas joined George Murphy in Season 7 to contribute segments related to energy and sustainability.  Traveling across western New England she unveiled many approaches to being green, ranging from wind power to alternative forms of transportation to different forms of insulations for our homes.

After leaving Making It Here, Sandy continued “going green” as the host of WGBY’s local show Eco-Exchange.




Energy Links & Resources

As part of  WGBY’s continuing policy to shrink our carbon foot print we are continuing  to provide the energy links and resources that were a part of  the 7th season of Making It Here.

EPA greener vehicle
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Union of Concerned Scientists
Natural Resources Defense Council
"Share the Road in the Connecticut Valley" Franklin Regional Council of Govts
Evergreen Motors, Greenfield, MA
Bicycles Unlimited, Greenfield, MA

DOE energy saving tips
Energy Star
Beyond Green Construction, Easthampton, MA

Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics Cooperative