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Local, USA - 25 Texans in the Land of Lincoln

Join the quest of 25 history students, mostly Mexican American, who drive 2,000 miles from the Alamo in Texas to a Springfield, Illinois museum asking to repatriate General Santa Anna's prosthetic leg and honoring Abe Lincoln's support of Mexico with a Day of the Dead altar. With humor,...
Monday Oct 7th9:00pmWGBY World
Tuesday Oct 8th2:00amWGBY World
Tuesday Oct 8th10:00amWGBY World
Tuesday Oct 8th4:00pmWGBY World
Friday Oct 11th5:00amWGBY World
Friday Oct 11th11:00amWGBY World
Saturday Oct 12th9:30pmWGBY World
Sunday Oct 13th1:30amWGBY World