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Martha Bakes - Fresh Cheese

Join Martha and expert cheesemaker Lynn Fleming to learn how fresh cheeses are made. Then, discover how to incorporate them in two desserts, including creamy tart au fromage with farmer's cheese and creme fraiche, and a ricotta-rich cannoli cake.
Sunday May 5th8:00pmWGBY Create
Sunday May 5th11:30pmWGBY Create
Monday May 6th2:00amWGBY Create
Monday May 6th5:30amWGBY Create
Saturday May 11th11:30amWGBY 57/HD
Tuesday Jun 4th8:00pmWGBY Create
Tuesday Jun 4th11:30pmWGBY Create
Wednesday Jun 5th2:00amWGBY Create
Wednesday Jun 5th5:30amWGBY Create