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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Learns About Lizards/Daniel Wonders About T

Daniel Learns About Lizards - Daniel and Prince Wednesday discover a small lizard in Daniel's backyard. They have a lot of questions about the lizard. When they wonder and explore, they learn so many new things. Daniel Wonders About Trolley - Daniel and his friends learn more about their...
Tuesday Jul 10th9:30amWGBY 57/HD
Tuesday Jul 10th4:00pmWGBY Kids
Wednesday Jul 11th12:00amWGBY Kids
Wednesday Jul 11th10:00amWGBY 57/HD
Wednesday Jul 11th4:30pmWGBY Kids
Thursday Jul 12th12:30amWGBY Kids
Saturday Jul 14th4:30pmWGBY Kids
Sunday Jul 15th12:30amWGBY Kids
Friday Aug 3rd10:00amWGBY 57/HD
Friday Aug 10th4:00pmWGBY Kids
Saturday Aug 11th12:00amWGBY Kids
Friday Aug 24th4:00pmWGBY Kids
Saturday Aug 25th12:00amWGBY Kids
Sunday Aug 26th4:30pmWGBY Kids
Monday Aug 27th12:30amWGBY Kids