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Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! - Whatever Floats Your Boat/Building Bridges

When Nick and Sally's boat sinks, they need to build another boat, but don't know how. A trip to Floating Island helps them discover that, along with needing the right material, you also need to make the shape of your boat float. Nick is in pursuit of finding out how to build a drawbridge...
Wednesday Nov 21st9:00amWGBY Kids
Wednesday Nov 21st12:30pmWGBY 57/HD
Wednesday Nov 21st4:00pmWGBY Kids
Thursday Nov 22nd12:00amWGBY Kids
Saturday Nov 24th9:00amWGBY Kids
Saturday Nov 24th4:00pmWGBY Kids
Sunday Nov 25th12:00amWGBY Kids