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Nature Cat - Where Have All The Butterflies Gone?!/For The Bird

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?! Oh no! A long-awaited play date with Daisy's butterfly friends is at risk because there are no flowers around for the butterflies to feed on. When all seems lost, Nature Cat steps up to save the day. He and his pals decide to build a new butterfly garden...
Tuesday Aug 13th5:30pmWGBY Kids
Wednesday Aug 14th1:30amWGBY Kids
Saturday Aug 17th5:30pmWGBY Kids
Sunday Aug 18th1:30amWGBY Kids
Monday Sep 2nd7:30amWGBY 57/HD
Monday Sep 2nd3:00pmWGBY 57/HD
Monday Sep 30th6:00pmWGBY Kids
Tuesday Oct 1st2:00amWGBY Kids