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Where to Watch

WGBY World

Comcast 209, Time Warner 1275, Charter 181, WGBY DT 57.2
24 hours a day, seven days a week, WGBY World presents the best of PBS documentary, public affairs and news programming. With award-winning series like Frontline, PBS NewsHourTavis SmileyCharlie Rose, and American Experience, you’ll always find thought-provoking stories, thorough investigations and trustworthy voices –whenever you decide to watch. www.worldcompass.org



Comcast 217, Time Warner 1276, Charter 180, WGBY DT 57.3

Each weekday, WGBY Kids doubles the options of family-friendly children’s programs from WGBY. With familiar faces like Clifford, Arthur, and the gand from Sesame Street, your family will enjoy these fun, educational shows, all presented to fit your family's schedule, from the station you count on to deliver shows you trust and your children love. www.pbskids.org


WGBY Create

Comcast 237, Time Warner 1276, Charter 182, WGBY DT 57.4

During the week, spend your mornings and afternoons getting practical, reliable info on everything from home improvement and decorating to cooking, travel, and antiquing. With programs like Lidia’s ItalySimply MingRick Steve’s Europe, and This Old House, WGBY Create is dedicated to helping you enjoy the fun things in life! www.createtv.com



Comcast 857, Time Warner 1221, Charter 782, WGBY DT 57.1

Enjoy the best of WGBY & PBS in razor-sharp high-definition. From classic PBS favorites like NOVA and Masterpiece to local favorites like As Schools Match Wits and Connecting Point, WGBY-HD is great television, defined.

(WGBY DT is also down-converted and shown on basic cable where WGBY's Analog channel used to be.)

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