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Message from the General Manager

This month is shaping up to present a good case for supporting public media. Who do we turn to for trusted midterm election coverage? Public media. Where can we experience a new take on a classic stage musical? On public television. Where can you explore the science of a dramatic rescue or the early life of a polar bear? It’s all on WGBY.

So, by the end of the month, when we count our blessings, I can assure you that I will be feeling thankful.

I’m thankful because I see, each day, the virtues of WGBY. I get to see the effects educational programming has on young children in this region — it’s encouraging them to think critically and ask good questions. I’m able to hear directly from community leaders who appreciate the station’s diverse content. I field emails from members like you who value local, public journalism in a time when “all politics is local.”

And it’s those viewer opinions that matter most to me. After all, it’s you as a member who keeps the cameras focused and the studio lights on. Your support, month after month and year after year, has truly made possible all that public television can offer.

Your support has also created something tangible: a rich library of local documentaries, news reports, and personal stories. Indeed, life in western New England is being captured and shared by WGBY. These stories — your stories — are still available, too. They don’t disappear after broadcast.

This Thanksgiving, as we count our blessings, it’s my hope that you will reflect not just on the midterm elections or a month’s worth of programming, but also on the deep well of content you are helping to create here on a local level.

Then, I encourage you to type “video.wgby.org” into a Web browser and revisit the many local productions that your support has produced. Stream a bit of history and see for yourself why WGBY is thankful for your support.


Anthony V. Hayes,

General Manager