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Message from the President of NEPM

If you’re like me, you may be asking yourself how can it possibly be November? This is certainly true for us during this exciting period of time when we’re working to roll out New England Public Media, the new alliance of WGBY and NEPR. I’m lucky to be working with an extraordinary group of people who are passionate about what they do, and I’m looking forward to the first example of collaboration between TV and radio—the Monday, November 25, broadcast of Legal Vices–One Year Later: A Community Dialogue on WGBY.

This month marks the beginning of the holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving and ends with the New Year. It makes me smile to think of some of the ways that NEPM can help us enjoy this time of year. We can keep calm while listening to classical music; we can fortify ourselves with balanced news from the PBS NewsHour and All Things Considered to prepare for any holiday table discussion that turns to politics. We can make use of our WGBY Passport Member benefit and choose a Broadway show from Great Performances to watch with friends and family. And we can plan now to attend the signature holiday event in the area—Jazz, Baby! on Saturday, December 7 at the Hotel Northampton.

Jazz, Baby! is, in fact, another example of NEPM collaboration as the events teams are coming together to plan the best ever holiday party. It features a 1920s theme, live music by Kellso’s Hot Six, StompBoxTrio and others, delicious cocktail party fare, stylish drinks, and a few surprises. You can dress to the nines, hob nob with guests, and dance the night away. We hope you can join us! Tickets are available at wgby.org/jazzbaby.

This is also the start of the season of gratitude. I’m grateful for the community in which we live, and the stories that we here at NEPM share. Those stories that bring us together and help us understand each other are thanks to you. Your support, month after month, year after year, makes it all possible.

Martin Miller
President, NEPM