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Message from the General Manager


If you’re like me, you smile looking at the cover of this month’s PrimeTime member guide. Betty White—she represents so many laughs through the years.

But there’s another role Betty White has played—the role of advocate. Most of us who watched television in the ’90s remember the many appearances Betty White made in the name of animal rights. As an animal advocate, she was successful in keeping the welfare of animals on the minds of those around her.

As WGBY members, you are advocates, too. Each time you tell your friends, colleagues, and family members about WGBY community events, WGBY classroom initiatives, or WGBY content, you’re really doing the work of a public media advocate. You are fostering a growing network of potential supporters while also broadening the impact of our work.

This month presents the first official membership opportunity of the new fiscal year. It’s our chance as WGBY members to help reinforce and support a wide range of station efforts. You will see some fresh and fun pledge programming, like Betty White: First Lady of Television, but there will be other opportunities as well.

Have an old vehicle? Consider donating it to WGBY. Our vehicle donation program turns older boats, motorcycles, and automobiles into revenue for our community-based programs and services. Visit wgby.org/vehicle for more information.

Will your employer match your gift? Many people don’t realize their employers will match their charitable donations—and that many employers consider public media a very worthy cause. Visit wgby.org/matchinggifts for tips about maximizing your contribution.

Whether you make additional gifts during this period or just help spread the word about WGBY’s value to the community, your continued, meaningful advocacy is deeply valued. You make WGBY matter, and you make it known that it matters to others. For this, I sincerely thank you.

Anthony V. Hayes,
General Manager