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Message from the General Manager

I’ve been working in public media a long time—nearly 20 years. I value its content for being truthful, insightful, and engaging. Big-name shows on PBS, like Nova, Frontline, Masterpiece,etc., certainly deserve the accolades and awards they receive. But I will tell you: It’s the local public television programs that I admire. They tell the stories that matter most—and they do it from the grassroots with a devoted local staff. That’s impressive.

This month brings my proudest moment yet during my eight-month tenure here at WGBY (and there have been quite a few already). The expansion of our very own Connecting Point series from three nights per week to five is a major accomplishment. Though there were some tough decisions—moving The PBS NewsHour from 6:30 to 6 p.m. being no exception—there is no doubt western New England will benefit from this Connecting Point (CP) refresh.

Our host, Carrie Saldo, is joined by returning contributor Carolee McGrath. Together, they will work with other local and regional media outlets to explore a wide range of issues, including the economy, health, education, innovation, transportation, arts, and WGBY’s long-standing tradition of politics.

Being that it’s Black History Month, it’s important to point out that CP is also recommitting itself to representing all of western New England and its many diverse cultures. For example, our own Presencia host Veronica Garcia will now play a role on Connecting Point as well, providing a forum for our region’s sizeable and growing Latino community.  

Your support as a contributing member has made this growth possible. Whether you’ve dressed up and danced at our fundraiser Masterpiece Ball or plan to raised a glass at our annual WGBY Wine & Food Lovers Weekend (coming March 9–10, by the way), each effort you’ve taken in support of this station has led to this moment—the establishment of a reliable, trustworthy source for local current affairs five days a week.

Thank you.

Anthony V. Hayes,
General Manager