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Message from the Board Chair

For the last 15 years, the PrimeTime audience has enjoyed reading the optimistic and informative monthly Manager’s Message of longtime WGBY general manager Rus Peotter. However, as many of you know, Rus retired at the end of 2016 after 40 years of service to public television. We wish him well as he begins the next new chapter in his life and thank him for his service to our growing WGBY community. Until his replacement is named, I will take over keeping you up-to-date with what you can expect from WGBY.

I voluntarily serve WGBY on an elected basis as the chair of the station’s Board of Tribunes. I also sit on the search committee that is working to fill Mr. Peotter’s seat. I assure you I will do what I can to find a qualified leader who will continue Rus’ legacy of local engagement in the western New England region. In the interim, I’m proud to announce that our public television station is in safe hands, being led by veteran Deputy General Manager Lynn Page, who has over 30 years’ service to WGBY.

Though Mr. Peotter has stepped down, the station’s work has not slowed. In fact, this month brings some especially big news: On Monday, Jan. 16, WGBY will launch a new and improved 24/7 PBS Kids service.

As many station members know, education is a key part of the WGBY mission. So, being able to deliver curriculum-based, ageappropriate content throughout each day represents real progress. Now, no matter what time or day, families and caretakers will be able to turn to trusted educational television as a source of beneficial entertainment. Without local support from members like you, this would not be possible. Thank you.

Though television is still the dominant way children access video content, many viewing habits are shifting. That’s why the new WGBY Kids channel re-launch doesn’t end with TV. Families and educators can also access the 24/7 PBS Kids content stream via pbskids.org or the PBS Kids Video App. The re-launch of WGBY Kids should bring station members great pride and reassurance. Though leadership may change, the station’s mission—to educate, entertain, enrich, and improve our community—does not.

Crist Myers Chair,
WGBY Board of Tribunes