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Message from the Board Chair

Spring is a time of differentiation and definition. In the dead of winter, the trees all look the same— plain, gray, and lackluster. With the bright spring sunlight, however, each plant’s unique shape and color unfolds. In this way, spring presents an ideal time to look at the things that set us apart.

WGBY is different from other TV stations for many reasons including its PBS and PBS Kids content, informative local productions (like Connecting Point and Presencia), and its commercial-free nature. Chief among its differentiators, though, is a crucial and oftoverlooked characteristic of WGBY—its community involvement.

While public broadcasting is indeed one of America's best investments (with roughly $1.35 per citizen per year returning 200 million American viewers annually), its value doesn’t end with programming. For every $100 of federal spending, public broadcasting receives just a penny—and yet stations like WGBY remain devoted to real-life community partnerships, outreach events, education initiatives, and other truly meaningful “in-thefield” work.

This month alone, for example, WGBY is taking a lead role in two education initiatives here in western New England. First, it’s executing a high-energy “Cyberchase: Step It Up” challenge among 600 elementary students. Children will be motivated to increase physical activity while also learning math skills. Then, it’s hosting its ¡Buen Provecho! event in Springfield’s North End. This year, ¡Buen Provecho! ties into the Cyberchase project as it also focuses on health and fitness.

Indeed, a public television station is much more than a mere relay station for trusted PBS content. It’s an active community partner committed to improving, inspiring, and informing our collective lives through original content and hands-on involvement.

This spring, let’s shed some light on the important work of WGBY. Let’s raise awareness to its differentiating features and tell others about all its impactful work. And, by all means, please give yourself some credit for all WGBY accomplishes—after all, none of this would be possible without your ongoing support.

Have a warm and happy spring.

Crist Myers Chair,
WGBY Board of Tribunes