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WGBY PBS Kids Club

The WGBY PBS Kids Club was created for families that appreciate the difference PBS Kids programming makes in their lives and for families that want to have more FUN together.

In short: the Kids Club was created for families just like you!

Use the links on this page to explore the Kids Club, learn about fun family activities in the area and visit companion web sites to your favorite PBS Kids programs. You'll even find valuable parenting tips!

Why Join The WGBY PBS Kids Club?Join the Kids Club with your online pledge!

We all know that children don’t just "watch" television, they really get involved. They talk to the characters on the screen, they repeat things they hear and they act out things they see.

Programs like Clifford, Dragon Tales, Sesame Street and Arthur offer a safe place for all children to learn and grow, giving them a head start on their education.

If your children watch PBS, you already give us two of the most valuable assets you have—your children’s time and your trust. Please lend a helping hand by joining the WGBY PBS Kids Club today!

The WGBY PBS Kids Club is a great way to support PBS Kids programming and have more fun with your family. Kids Club memberships are just $40 and are packed with exciting benefits.


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