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Chef Manola Sidara

Chef Manola Sidara

Chef Manola Sidara

Chef Bio

Manola Sidara created the East-West Grille in 2001. Born in Laos and raised in Colorado, Manola personifies her“East-West” philosophy. While training as a professional pastry chef at the Griffin Culinary Institute, Manola learned the subtle secrets of Laotian food at home from her mother, Phet Xamountry. Additional inspiration for Manola’s intricate cuisine comes from her creative background as a master teacher of traditional Laotian dance. In 2001 Manola received an award from the Lao Association of Connecticut for her work with the Lao Narthasinh dancers, Lao Saturday School and in the Lao community, and was selected as a Connecticut Commission of the Arts Master Teaching Artist.That same year she also opened the doors to what is now her highly successful restaurant for the very first time.

East West Grille

West Hartford, CT

About the Restaurant

East-West Grille is a unique option for anyone looking for authentic Asian foods that go far beyond the normal Indian or Chinese. The pan-Asian cuisine is fantastic. Dishes range from light, fresh Vietnamese summer rolls (rice paper filled with fresh herbs, noodles and other goodies) to six different curries. Each can be prepared with veggies and tofu in place of meat. Infamous sticky-rice is a must-order. East-West also has a variety of beverages including a lovely black tea.

While from the outside the restaurant looks like your standard American diner, patrons will feel as if they have been transported to an Orient of old upon entrance. The location becomes an exotic oasis and the experience is enhanced by the traditional Asian décor and impeccable cuisine. The vibrant presentation and attention to detail, including variety of color and use of aesthetics in garnish, makes the food at East-West a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. All of their cuisine is made fresh to order, and can be prepared vegetarian upon request. They are also happy to advise customers on the spiciness of certain dishes.